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About UsSince 1993 our Company imports teas from various points of the world and exports mainly to European countries. Among other products that we import, export and distribute in Portugal, we have engaged seriously in the Tea business. In 2010, Kushbu Teas was created to give to our customers what we most like: 

A cup of pleasured aromatic tea for every different moment of your day!

Kushbu means fragrance or aromas in several Asian languages.  Originally written as Khushboo in Persian, Indian or Arabic languages, we prefer to stick with a simple name with the same meaning – Kushbu Tea.

Teas were primarily brought to Europe by the Portuguese.  Catherine of Braganza, Queen consort of Charles II of England brought the habit of drinking tea to Great Britain in the 1660’s. The British Empire was responsible to spread the culture of drinking tea to all British colonies.

Our aim is the same:  to spread a premium tea brand across the globe and be present in every excellence place near you.

In the first year we successfully started to supply to several European countries our pyramid teabags and loose teas…  

Our tea is supplied to top Hotels and Tea Rooms. 

Hope you enjoy our teas as much as we do!

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